The Legendary Dragon Knight Chapter 1: Crimson Fury

A long time ago, before man came upon the more modern inventions of machines, mankind lived a very archaic lifestyle. Feudal lords ruled most of the surrounding lands, demanding money and respect from the townsfolk, while their kings managed the governments of their kingdom, most times doing more of the same. A lot of this has been recorded in history, and studied. Some people even created their own fantasies of that era in time, where mystical creatures roamed the land, and knights were most often the centerpiece for these stories. What some people don’t know, is that their stories were very much real. The people of the future do not know of the secrets that the medieval world held, and they likely never will. But what their imaginations can create from those times, can almost be held up as facts.

Within a village, a town is being terrorized by monsters. Large orcs have formed raiding parties to take what ever they want. Most of it is food, but they will also sometimes kidnap those they are interested in. However, word of these raids had reached a noble knight within reach of this town, who is currently mobilized. He is but one man, but he is far more dangerous than any orc.

The orcs were in the middle of their rampage, several men had already been crushed. Most of them were splattered across the ground like literal bugs, their bodies smashed in, and their heads popped like fruit. Most of these beasts stood about 12 more feet than the average man, meaning only sheer numbers could truly oppose them. Unfortunately, this was a particularly large group of orcs. Sheer numbers would make no difference in this battle.

However, as they continued their assault, the sound of flapping could be heard in the distance. The orcs looked around curiously, trying to find the source of the sound. As the orc turned his head, a red figure blurred past him, and his arms fell limp. His head soon feel from his shoulders, as the rest of his body dropped to the ground. The orcs were now alerted to the more dangerous threat, but could still not see it. As the flapping grew louder, a torrent of blaze scorched the ones still searching, covering their bodies in deadly flame. The fires burned far quicker than normal, and left the orc group a smoldering mess of corpses.

As the townsfolk looked on at who could have potentially dispatched these monsters, a man was perched on top of a roof. He had a large, crimson suit of armor, and a long flowing red cloak. But the armor was unusual, and the cloak was also a part of something much greater. Behind the man, giant crimson wings were spread from his back, as if he was some sort of demon. In his right hand, he held a flameberge,  a weapon styled after the waves of a burning fire.

The knight spoke, raising his sword in the air. “Fear not my people, I have arrived to vanquish this menace. While the nobles continue to ignore your cries for help, I will ensure your safety personally. As long as I draw breath, not a single creature in this land will harm you.”

The knight took to the skies as he patrolled the ravaged village. Buildings had been partially or completely destroyed, blood tainted the soil, and many bodies lay cold on the ground. The knight quietly curses himself for being so late, but his arrival has at least slowed down the attack. Even though he was told he had an important job to do, there was no way he could deafen himself to the people.

Once the knight was certain that the last of the orcs had been dealt with, he spoke to the villagers one final time. “I apologize for not arriving here sooner, but your village is safe once more. Those that did not make it, will forever be a reminder of my inactivity, but I hope that you may still rely on me in the future. Next time, I will come with all haste.”

Despite his failures, the people still cheered for him, clearly appreciating the fact a noble had come at all. Or maybe they did it out of fear of what a strange man he was. No matter the reason, their cheers brought a bit of ease to his mind, as he spread his wings one final time, and took flight.